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Ah Liki Wholesale locates in Samoa, providing a complete food and beverage experience for local and Samoans abroad 


Ah Liki Wholesale offers a wide range of bulk products that include food, foodstuff and nonfood items that caters towards all business sizes and industries. These products are carefully selected and sourced from across the globe.


We are also proud in our commitment to the development of sustainable, quality and local goods such as poultry eggs and general produce amongst an expanding variety of agricultural harvests handled with the utmost care.


To better serve our customers, we have developed a leading supermarket brand that exemplifies excellence with a smile. We have a full supermarket range that offers more than a typical retail store as we want to ensure that all our customers have everything they need under one roof. Check out our Farmer Joe Supermarkets sites at Fugalei, Vaitele, Ululoloa and Saleimoa


Taula is the latest addition to the Ah-Liki Family and has been created with the aim to further add value to Samoa and abroad by offering a unique flavour that explores Samoan Characteristics in the form of high quality Beers and Soft Drinks, as well as Bottled Water.


As Samoa grows, we recognize the need to become an origin of reliability in producing products on our own shores. Our passion in food has led our service to research and manufacture of meat products, extruded snacks, canned products and much more. All created using the highest-quality ingredients at Krissy Co